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In 1846, Orlando Smith, a stone mason, literally stumbled across an outcropping of granite on Rhode's Hill in Westerly, Rhode Island, thus starting an industry that would leave it's mark across this country and abroad. From 1845 until 1955, Westerly Granite was one of the most sought after granites in the world.

The Pink, Red and Blue granites from Westerly can be seen in statues and buildings the world over. Statues such as those at the Gettysburg battlefield, in Central Park and the statue of George Washington in Allegheny City, PA represent the beauty and workability of Westerly Granite.

Buildings all over New England and the east coast were built using Westerly Granite. Some of these include the Travelers Tower in Hartford Connecticut; The American Tract Society Building in Manhattan and Sayles Hall at Brown University as well as many other buildings, churches and monuments in the Westerly area.